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Truck 3 Training at HPHS


Members of Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department ventured out Tuesday, July 23, 2013 with Truck 3 to Highland Park High School to train on truck operations.


Members worked on stabilizing the truck, deploying the outriggers, operating the ladder & bucket and worked with the tow winch. HPVFD’s Truck 3 can tow up to 9000 pounds and the winch can be used from the front of the vehicle or equipped to either side.


While at HPHS members oriented themselves with the roof layout, potential hazards and examined areas to both setup the truck & how to approach the different roof levels if an emergency ever required. And we took in the sights from the bucket on a gorgeous evening in town.


Firefighter Andy Campbell & Assistant Chief Marc Robinson up in the Bucket next to the beloved Albadome (photo from Firefighter Mario Diaz, turntable operator was Mark Borquist):


A parting shot of the Dome & HPHS entrance with Truck 3:


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