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Engine 1 Training


Members of the Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department came together for an impromptu training Thursday, June 25th, taking Engine 1 out to perform pump & hose operation training.

The “Deck Gun“, a large volume water appliance, was removed from its usual position on top of Engine 1 and setup as a ground monitor. Two 3-inch hose lines were used to feed the Deck Gun once it was setup & secured on the ground. An inch & 3/4 pre-connected hoseline was pulled from Engine 1 – this is the main attack line for fighting fire & stored as a “Minuteman” lay or load in the bed of the Fire Engine for quick deployment.

Engine 1 Lieutenant Peggy Brookes, and later Ex-Chief Doug Watt, worked on pump operations to the two hose streams under the guidance of Engine 1 Captain Tim Langan.


After a few rounds working with the two streams the evolution was changed to have the 1 & 3/4 line operate, the 3-inch operate on its own and the Deck Gun, returned to Engine 1, operate from the Engine.

HPVFD Chief Mike McMahon along with Assistant Chief’s Jay Littman & Marc Robinson were on-scene observing operations. Firefighters Mark Borquist & Andy Campbell assisted with operations.

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