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Probationary Drill: PPE Efficiency


Probationary Members of the Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department came together Tuesday, August 20th to train on donning their personal protective equipment with efficiency. “Donning” is a term to “put on” your gear. “Doff” or “Doffing” is to “take off”.

Our members followed a similar sequence to this video:

Efficiency was stressed. Speed is wonderful & those extra seconds of time to get to an emergency are important but efficiency is key – making sure the gear is properly fastened & fit correctly – these are the steps that keep our Firefighters safe.


Members were run through a drill simulating arriving at the Firehouse, locating their gear, and donning the full gear, under a time constraint. Gear was inspected to ensure all zippers, clasps & enclosures were indeed closed/covered.

Developing muscle memory & memorizing the sequence while donning PPE helps it become easier, faster & more efficient, saving our Firefighters time in the future and keeping them safe.


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