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June Training


For the June, 2014 Departmental Training Drill, the Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department had a repeat of a popular drill from 2013 – a skill course, for time in and around Station 37.


Each Firefighter began the drill in full personal protective gear except for the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) & Mask. Firefighters identified parts of the SCBA & harness/backpack before donning the pack to move on. The second skill was to move & setup a ground ladder to the building, ascend up and touch the building. Station 3 was fully dressing a nearby hydrant & making connection to Engine 2 to establish a water supply.

Firefighters then put on their mask & connected the SCBA to go on breathing air before grabbing a pre-connected hoseline from Engine 2 and deploying it 100 feet.


After dropping the hoseline in a designated spot, each Firefighter performed a drag-rescue using a hose-dummy.

The final task was to tie two knots while still in full PPE. This was a timed event and the atmosphere was competitive. HPVFD Captain Tim Langan had the top overall time, with Assistant Chief Marc Robinson coming in second.

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