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March Training

On Tuesday March 29, 2016 members of the Highland Park Fire Department gathered for their monthly training. This months training brought us to the New Market Fire Department to attend the Kevin Apuzzio Memorial Seminar presented by Chief Danny Krushinski and other members of the East Franklin Fire Department who where on scene the day they lost their brother FF Kevin Apuzzio in the line of duty. FF Apuzzio lost his life on April 11, 2006 while making a rescue at a working structure fire. During the seminar Firefighters discussed their experiences from that day and lessons learned from it. It was an eye opening lecture for all involved that even when everything is done right, things can still go wrong and the many things that can be done to minimize the risk of injury or death. Thank you again to the New Market Fire Department for hosting this seminar and to Chief Krushinski and your men for an excellent night of training.

effd kevinPhoto Credit East Franklin Fire Department

“Train as if your life and your partner’s life depends on it”

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