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April 2015 Drill: Extending Hose Deployments


Fire Engines carry a variety of hoses to fight fire. Many of the hoses are “preconnected” – they are connected directly into discharges from the engine’s pump to get water on to a fire. During an emergency the driver of the engine and those in command must take into account what hoses they are carrying, where the emergency is occurring and how to position the engine to effectively and safely deploy hoses.

What happens if a preconnect is too short to reach a building, room, etc. despite engine placement?


For the April, 2015 Departmental Drill the Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department trained on just this scenario. Firefighters worked repeatedly deploying hoses to extend the reach from the engine. Efficiency and speed improved each time through and firefighters were able to work on a variety of skills (hose deployment, hydrant connections, pump operations, handline operations). A great and important drill – thanks for everyone who showed up and worked hard.


Spring Member Drive


Do you like to help others?

Are you interested in volunteering and making a difference in your community?

Would you like to learn new skills and challenge yourself?

The Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department is looking for residents in and around Highland Park to help us respond to calls, assist with community functions and join our family of volunteer members.

We are business owners, students, teachers, mechanics, electricians, sales people, fire service professionals and more. We work regular jobs and juggle family and other commitments along with our time at HPVFD.

Calls we respond to include fires (obviously), gas leaks, power line troubles, alarm activations and motor vehicle accidents to name a few. We are active in the community of Highland Park and assist with functions like the annual 5K & Street Fair, the Police Department’s National Night Out, Holiday Ceremonies and more. We visit & engage students in the schools, host open houses for Fire Prevention Safety Awareness and travel to other towns for parades & departmental celebrations.

We take pride in what we do and train often to be ready for any call that comes our way.

If you are interested in learning more feel free to visit our “Volunteer” page at: or call Chief Jay Littman at 732-672-9879.

Training with East Franklin


On Sunday, November 30, 2014 the Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department had an opportunity to attend & train with the East Franklin Fire Department & Bound Brook Fire Department during a Live Burn Training at the Hunterdon County Emergency Services Training Center.


East Franklin is a frequent Mutual Aid call for HPVFD and the opportunity to train together helped build camaraderie while also observing tactics & team deployment.


Firefighters participated in four different scenarios and had a chance to work primary attack hoselines, backup hoselines, search & rescue and ventilation.

We are thankful to East Franklin for the invite & opportunity to train – it was a great day!

For more photos please see our Facebook Page at:

And visit the East Franklin Fire Department Photo Album on Facebook at: