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April 2015 Drill: Extending Hose Deployments


Fire Engines carry a variety of hoses to fight fire. Many of the hoses are “preconnected” – they are connected directly into discharges from the engine’s pump to get water on to a fire. During an emergency the driver of the engine and those in command must take into account what hoses they are carrying, where the emergency is occurring and how to position the engine to effectively and safely deploy hoses.

What happens if a preconnect is too short to reach a building, room, etc. despite engine placement?


For the April, 2015 Departmental Drill the Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department trained on just this scenario. Firefighters worked repeatedly deploying hoses to extend the reach from the engine. Efficiency and speed improved each time through and firefighters were able to work on a variety of skills (hose deployment, hydrant connections, pump operations, handline operations). A great and important drill – thanks for everyone who showed up and worked hard.


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