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National Volunteer Appreciation Week Continued; Fire Line Officers


Previously this week we have discussed the roles some of our members take on the business end of the fire department. Today we will discuss the leadership of the firematic side of the department. The firefighters of the Highland Park Volunteer Fire Department are led by Fire Line Officers. These Officers include the Chief of the Department, Jay Littman, First Assistant Chief Marc Robinson, Second Assistant Chief Tim Langan, and Captain Peggy Brookes.

While leading firefighters during daily fire calls and other emergencies all of these officers also carry additional duties. Chief Littman is ultimately in charge of the part time paid firefighters and the volunteer firefighters. He over sees all operations, training, equipment, budgets, and works with other officials from the boro. First Assistant Chief Robinson is responsible for maintaining existing equipment and apparatus as well as purchasing new equipment when necessary. Second Assistant Chief Langan plans all departmental training as well as the development of probationary firefighters and enrolment of firefighters to any of the local fire academies. Collectively the three Chiefs of the department are referred to as the investigating committee. They review all new applications to the department and conduct interviews of possible candidates. Captain Brookes handles company level training, company meetings and elections. During monthly Officers Meetings they each give reports on what they are working on and discuss how to make improvements. Thank you to all of our Fire Line Officers for all of your hard work and service to your firefighters.

If you see a volunteer firefighter this week remember to thank them for their service, it’s the little things that mean the most! Or if you are interested in learning more about volunteering feel free to visit our “Volunteer” page at: or call Chief Jay Littman at 732-672-9879.

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